What is Human Growth Hormone Replacement?

HGH replacement has gained a considerable amount of momentum in recent times with the medical community and consumers realizing its benefits. The objective of HGH replacement is to stimulate an increase in the HGH levels secreted by the pituitary, and thereby help in combating certain adverse effects of aging. These symptoms can include, loss of lean muscle mass, increased fat composition of the body, disturbed sleep, reduced mental function and appearance of wrinkles on the skin. The HGH replacement process restores the youthful feeling into Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) patients and allows them to feel the same amount of vigor and energy as they did in their early 20s. There are different forms of HGH replacements which include: HGH sprays, HGH supplements, HGH injections and natural ways of stimulating the production of HGH.

Stimulating HGH replacement naturally

Simple measures, like, change in life style patterns, behavioral changes and diet can naturally stimulate the production of HGH. Some of the basic considerations to ensure natural replacement of Human Growth Hormone are:

• Adequate and good quality sleep: Research and experimental evidence has shown that the Human Growth Hormone production surges about an hour after one falls into deep sleep. It is evident that the availability of deep and good quality of sleep is hence an essential component of stimulating HGH production. The essentials of getting a good sleep include – a dark room, a silent and peaceful surrounding and comfortable environmental conditions. A minimum sleep of eight hours can do wonders to the secretion of HGH, whilst taking naps during the day can also be beneficial.

• Dietary considerations: Sugary foods with a high glycemic index are not seen as beneficial, as they result in hyperglycemia, which acts as a negative stimulus for the production of the Human Growth Hormone. However, consuming a high carbohydrate diet, after a strenuous exercise is very beneficial. Avoid fats. A balanced diet is found to be very effective.

• Consume Water: Drinking water during exercise is necessary to prevent dehydration. Dehydration lowers the boost that physical exertion causes for the stimulation of the Human Growth Hormone.

• Supplements prior to Exercise: Arginine, is known to stimulate the natural secretion of the Human Growth Hormone. It works by blocking the release of Somatostatin, which inhibits the production of HGH. Alternatively, Glutamine also has a similar effect and should be taken a couple of hours prior to exercise. Including amino acids in your diet will also help stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone.

• Stress Management: Stress results in increased secretion of cortisol, a steroid which inhibits the production of Growth Hormone. Stress management techniques are vital to alleviate stress and to improve the natural production of Human Growth Hormone.
Other techniques for HGH replacement

Human Growth Hormone replacement can be done using a variety of other pharmaceutical and natural products which include sprays, supplements or Human Growth Hormone injections. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses:

• HGH sprays: These products contain tinctures of a combination of vitamins and amino acids that are scientifically designed and created to increase the body’s production of the Human growth hormone, via the natural route. These products are administered orally and are absorbed by the oral mucosa. These products have to be sprayed below the tongue (two to three sprays), once or twice in a day. They have been found to produce an immediate sense of well being, though, the changes of this replacement technique are visually obvious after three to four months. Enhancement of physical strength and energy, increase in mental alertness and an improvement in the skin’s texture are most commonly observed changes after using these products.

• HGH supplements: The mechanism of action of these orally ingested products is similar to HGH sprays, as they stimulate the natural production of Human Growth Hormone by the Pituitary gland. These products include ingredients like amino acids, vitamins and other herbal products. However, unlike the HGH sprays, which claim to have a homeopathic form of Human Growth Hormone, these products are labeled as supplements by the FDA. They are slightly more expensive than the oral sprays, but evidence suggests that benefits of the product are obvious within a few weeks after the consumption, and what‘s more, last for several months after the supplementation is stopped. The first observed change includes changes in the skin texture and reduction in the wrinkles. This is followed by reduction in the fat composition of the body and an improvement of lean muscle mass. Other benefits include increased mental agility, restful and deeper sleep, improvement in the sex drive and sexual functions.

• HGH injections: HGH injections are the most expensive, yet the most effective technique of replacement of HGH. This replacement technique is regulated under the FDA, requires a physician’s prescription and needs to be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional. In the United States of America, this replacement procedure is legally permissible, if the adult suffers from Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD), the symptoms of which include – lower levels of energy, retarded healing process, delayed muscle recovery, etc. The benefits of Human Growth Hormone injections are more obvious and immediate, in comparison with the other replacement techniques. Unlike the other techniques, HGH injections involve actually injecting the complex hormone into the blood stream. This method of replacement doesn’t stimulate the pituitary gland to increase secretion of HGH, but provides HGH to the body through an external source, instead. This technique however has a few limitations:

• HGH injections are expensive, and may cost as much as $2000 a month
• Requires doctor’s prescription, since it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
• Needs to be administered by a trained and qualified medical professional
• Overdose is linked to severe side effects like – increased susceptibility of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, abdominal obesity, gynecomastia (i.e. enlargement of breasts in males) and cancer of the colon.

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