One on One with XPE Trainer Will Fuchs

XPE Trainer Will Fuchs…

This is a video of XPE trainer, Will, who has not only a great personal relationship with Core Medical but a great working relationship, the two work together to get Will’s clients to their optimal health. Training with XPE sports isn’t just for athletes but all types of fitness enthusiasts, XPE sports knows what their trainees need to ensure the optimal results. Understanding the body and what it needs to perform at its highest performance, especially for athletes. Utilizing IV therapy is the best way to absorb all of the needed vitamins for your energy levels and for optimal health including your adrenal glands, weight cut, and your overall training. Athletes put a lot of stress on their adrenal glands and by adding IV therapy to your regimen will help you reap more benefits quicker, this is exactly what Core Medical Group does, they help not just athletes but all individuals get the highest level of benefits from the vitamins they need for their bodies to work their best.

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