IV Nutrient Therapy Helps Treat Medical Conditions

Aug 24, 2017




How IV Nutrient Therapy can Help Treat Your Medical Condition

A treatment option that’s becoming very popular these days for treating various medical conditions is called IV Nutrient Therapy, and it consists of having vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients placed directly into the bloodstream intravenously, rather than through the normal process of digestion. The advantage of the intravenous method is that it is more direct, more powerful, and more concentrated than would be the slower and more general process of digestion and dispersal.

IV Therapy vs. Normal Digestion

While the technique can be used on healthy persons to provide a strong boost to good health, and to ward off illness, it is more commonly used to combat specific conditions such as chronic fatigue, heart disease, infections, and sometimes even cancer. The big difference between intravenous nutrient infusion and digestion is that IV treatment completely bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, where food sometimes becomes stuck, or is passed out of the body without being fully utilized. When nutrients are taken intravenously, all their benefits go directly to the target area, and are fully utilized.

There’s an additional advantage of administering nutrients in this manner as opposed to oral ingestion. There are often cases where only relatively small amounts of a given substance can be ingested without causing severe stomach problems and digestive dysfunction, one good example being Vitamin C, which upsets the stomach with anything other than a very small intake. When delivered intravenously however, very large doses of Vitamin C can be handled easily by the body, and a powerful help to the immune system can be obtained.

Medical conditions treated by IV Nutrient Therapy

There is a long list of medical conditions which IV nutrient therapy has already treated successfully, including the following: stroke rehab, discontinuance of smoking, various infections, Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, addiction, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, macular degeneration, liver disease, allergies, depression, severe anxiety, chronic pain, aging, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Each patient undergoes a thorough interview with a qualified medical professional prior to any treatment program being developed. This helps to determine exactly what kind of condition is to be treated, and what type of IV nutrient therapy would be best suited to address the situation. The process occurs right in a doctor’s office, and takes between one and three hours altogether, with one or two follow-up treatments often scheduled.

Where to inquire about IV Nutrient Therapy

At The Core Medical Group, we can answer all your health, wellness, or anti-aging questions about IV Nutrient Therapy, or about other issues such as hormone replacement therapy and dermal fillers. Contact us today to begin your own journey to better health, and a more satisfying, rewarding lifestyle!


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