Menopause Hormone Blood Test

The Menopause Hormone Blood Test identifies deficiencies (or excesses) of sex hormones estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, and testosterone.

The “female” estrogens: estriol, estradiol, and estrone, all affect health throughout the body.

Progesterone, which balances the action of estrogen, serves as a precursor for other hormones, and plays an important role in mood, blood sugar balance, libido, and thyroid function, as well as adrenal gland health.

The “male” hormone testosterone, which helps to maintain lean body mass, bone density, skin elasticity, blood cell production, and libido .

Health conditions this test is used to assess
This test can determines your baseline hormone levels, so you can make an informed decision about hormone replacement therapy. It can also provide guidance in the treatment of endometriosis , breast cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease, osteoporosis, and low libido.

What this test involves
This test involves collecting three saliva samples collected in test tubes and sent to the lab.

How can I get this test done?
Talk to your health care professional about your symptoms and ask if this test would be useful for you

Required Male Blood Panel for Hormone Replacement Therapy

1. Homocystine,Plasma……
2. TSH Free T4
3. Lipid Panel With LDL/HDL Ratio
4. Comp. Metabolic Panel
5. Testosterone Free and Total
6. IGF-1
7. Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum
8. FSH, LH
9. Estradiol
10. CBC With Differential/Platelet
11. PSA
12. Cortisol
13. DHEA Sulfate
14. Hemoglobin A1C
15. Thyroid Panel with TSH
16. Insulin, Fasting
17. Ferritin, Serum
18. SHBG

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