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Is Male Menopause Real?

Low Test symptoms may be to blame for a sluggish sex drive, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Are you feeling tired and cranky, and your sex drive isn’t doing much for you? You may even have some issues with ED, also known as erectile dysfunction. It is possible you could be going through “the change?” Turns out, midlife hormonal fluctuations aren’t just a “woman issue.” Mature males can have menopause as well — in the form of low testosterone (Low T).

Low Test can bring down your self esteem.

The word “male menopause” — which also goes by andropause or, as some have dubbed it,”men-o-PAUSE” — is a bit of a misnomer, but the physical state of being is very real.

What does Low Test mean?

Whereas women experience a sudden drop in hormones that signals a change in their ability to reproduce, with male menopause the result is a gradual decline in testosterone. Because it happens slowly (over a period of years), the symptoms of male menopause (e.g., fatigue, sluggish sex drive, irritability, depression, muscle loss, and erectile dysfunction) may be subtle and hard to detect.

Men’s testosterone levels fall naturally as we age — on average, about 1% a year after age 30. By the time you reach 70 years of age, your testosterone levels may drop more than half its peak. Though aging is the main cause of Low Test, there are other conditions and medications, such as testicular cancer, a scrotum injury, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and mumps, are all possible culprits.

How can I know if it is Low Test?

Are you tired, irritable, and/or disinterested in all the things that once brought you joy, including sex? If you think  you may have Low T, Core Medical Group can order a blood test, but only after ruling out other causes, such as depression. Symptoms of Low Test, such as fatigue and erectile dysfunction, may also mimic depression. It can also present as a side effect of heart disease, obesity, or other health condition. Core Medical Group will help you figure out if an underlying medical condition, such as an autoimmune disorder, is causing your Low Test results.

Once we review your completed Medical History forms, we will schedule you to get required blood work plus acomprehensive medical evaluation. We have a national network of labs and will locate one close to you or schedule a Core Medical Group phlebotomist to come to your Florida location. If you already have blood work and it has all of the necessary tests required and is less than one year old we may opt to use it if the proper biomarkers meet our medical criteria.

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