Former NFL Star, Erik Coleman takes on CEO of Core Medical Group to chat about health, wealth and happiness after the NFL

Jan 07, 2018




Join Sidney Gordon, the CEO of Core Medical Group, as he interviews Erik Coleman, former NFL star and Jets Late Night Analyst at CBS News, for the 1st ever Rejuvenation Station Show brought to you by Core Medical Group. Sidney and Erik will break down the all-around benefits of getting the right supplements into your body and how taking supplement isn’t just for athletes but for everyday individuals. Some people get nervous when introducing any type of supplement, but taking the right ones will take your health to new heights.


• All about Erik Coleman’s life during and after the NFL and the impact that Core Medical Group has had on Erik’s all-around health, life, career, and family.
• How Erik’s wife, Sabrina was unsure about Erik’s introduction of new supplements to his regime, but once she saw his increase in energy, productivity and alertness all of her worries subsided.
• How getting the right supplements into your body will increase your sex drive, help you to become more productive and energetic, confidence booster, and so much more.
• Sidney and Erik will discuss the lifestyle change he and many other athletes deal with when leaving their careers and how Core Medical Group’s treatments helped himtransform what could have been a negative experience into a positive one.
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