Former Hockey Player Turned Bodyguard To The Stars Discusses Health and Fitness

Jan 15, 2018




What do Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown and Alicia Keys all have in common? They all must ensure their safety while on tour, attending events and performing at shows, and the best way to ensure that is by hiring security guards that have both the physical and mental capabilities to keep them safe at all times. Clay
Lewis knows firsthand what it takes to ensure his client’s safety. Listen along as Core Medical CEO, Sidney Gordon chats it up with Clay Lewis, Security Guard to the stars while they discuss the importance of self-care and keeping your health at the forefront in order to take care of those you must protect.


  • All about Clay Lewis’s life while protecting the stars we all love and adore
  • His workout regime and diet while on and off the clock
  • The importance of self-care and strong of a role it plays in mentally and physically preparing you
    for physical and mental work.
  • How vital it is to stay consistent in both your diet, workout regime, and HT to ensure you’re
    consistently running on all cylinders.
  • Clay’s early adult life and the different careers paths he sought prior to finding his home with
    Guardian Security
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