Core Medical talks about it all – the truth and stigma behind Anti-Aging & Lifestyle Medicine

Jan 17, 2018




Core Medical Group’s CEO, Sidney Gordon and Managing Partner, Charlie Blaisdell chat about the field, practice, and education regarding Advanced Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine. The staff at Core Medical Group goes above and beyond to ensure that all referrals, potential clients, and clients are knowledgeable and truly understand the practice and treatments they’re undertaking. This episode will help you to understand the true benefits Core Medical provides everyday people like ourselves and how the benefits of being a patient with Core Medical will truly turn your life around for the better with regards to all aspects of your life. There is many stigma’s and media negativity towards the field, so let Sidney and Charlie educate you on the true balance of Advanced Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine today.

· All about the staff at Core Medical Group and the educational background the staff has
· The benefits of HT therapy
· The future of Advanced Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine
· The Core Medical Approach to Advanced Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine
· The stigma within the industry
· How the heart and testosterone work together and the side effects of them not being balanced
· Partnership with APS Pharmacy for branded Testosterone
· Opening of new office in Naples, Florida

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