3 Things You Didn’t Know About Testosterone Replacement

Mar 07, 2018




TRTWhat’s one of the leading trends in men’s health? Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, is a safe way to revive testosterone levels in men.

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease. And some men don’t produce enough testosterone.

TRT gives men their natural testosterone without the dangerous side effects or behavior issues associated with drugs such as steroids.

However, there are some unknown facts about testosterone replacement.

Before contacting your doctor read about these 3 testosterone replacement facts. Understand the facts before receiving treatment and don’t let testosterone replacement myths deter you from this treatment.

1. You’re Man Enough

There are some aspects of male-dominated or “bro” culture where your peers assume healthy life changes constitute as “cheating.” This is the case with TRT, where your peers may assume you’re “cheating” or “not man enough.”

Don’t let the pressure get to you. There’s nothing shameful about having low testosterone. Receiving testosterone therapy only helps bring vitality and rejuvenates your health.

Look at it this way: testosterone therapy is for your health. If you have a medical condition, you take medicine. If you want to lose weight, you diet and exercise.

Same goes for testosterone replacement. This is a health measure that will benefit the quality of your life.

Lack of testosterone is considered a medical condition. Because of this, not every man can receive the therapy. Testosterone replacement is prescribed by a medical professional and your treatment is supervised.

There are several “manly” benefits associated with testosterone replacement.

These include increased libido and improved body mass. Testosterone replacement gives you additional benefit. It regulates your thyroid, which results in great effects such as weight loss.

If you have another condition on top of low testosterone, then testosterone replacement could benefit your other health ailments.

A great example is asthma. Exercising and other physical activity is difficult with breathing problems. But testosterone replacement increases your strength so you can conquer the setbacks associated with asthma.

When taking testosterone replacement, understand the benefits — the health benefits and the benefits that make you more “manly.” Therefore, peer pressure won’t affect you.

2. There’s More to TRT Than Just Testosterone

When people discuss the chemicals in the male and female body, people only focus on testosterone for men and estrogen for women. In reality, there are several complex hormones that contribute to our growth and development.

Even women have testosterone and men have estrogen. When taking TRT, understand testosterone isn’t the only hormone in the injections.

If you have a hormonal deficiency, you probably experience a wide range of lacking hormones that lead to several health ailments.

When taking hormone replacement, expect these hormones in your medication:

  • Free T
  • Total T
  • E2
  • SHBG
  • FSH
  • LH
  • DHT
  • PSA
  • TSH
  • T3
  • T4
  • HCG

Each of these hormones is complex and have their own uses that contribute to various bodily functions. For example, SHBG transports various sex hormones in the bloodstream and FSH enacts your reproductive bodily functions.

With this being said, you have to monitor various body and behavior changes. Any changes need to be reported to the doctor, whether good or bad.

For example, before hormone therapy, you probably had a low sex drive. While the increased sex drive may be nice, a large libido means you’re receiving too many sex hormones.

And you’ll also need to report the bad side effects. For example, say you notice a change in personality. Honestly describe your new emotions to your doctor.

There are other tests you may have to endure, including additional prostate exams. You may have to take additional blood tests to ensure your thyroid is working normally.

Before agreeing to hormone replacement, research each of these hormones. If there’s any confusion, you can discuss this with your doctor.

3. You Won’t See Results Immediately

Like any other form of medication, TRT isn’t magical. You won’t immediately see results. And when you do, you’ll experience gradual improvement.

Since you’re putting various complex hormones into your body, your doctor will want to administer the medication responsibly. They will have rules for the frequency you administer testosterone replacement.

As you go through the treatment, you’ll meet with your doctor to identify your results and body changes. This is to ensure the treatment is working and you’re showing healthy progress.

In addition, you need to take testosterone therapy consistently to see results.

When you have low testosterone, this means your body doesn’t produce enough hormones naturally. You need to have those hormones injected to ensure you’re at healthy hormonal levels.

With this being said, you’ll more than likely take testosterone replacement permanently.

Low testosterone can result in long-term health ailments. To prevent this, the best course of action is constantly taking the testosterone medication.

With this being said, your body will endure more stress when you first start taking the medication.

Side effects are normal but should dissipate once your body is used to the therapy. Overall, you’ll start experiencing more health benefits as the administration continues.

So how long until you start experiencing benefits? This is different for everyone.

But most testosterone therapy users say they noticed benefits between a few weeks and a few months after taking the medication.

Keep in mind, medicine changes may have to be made. This includes dosing, scheduling, and other factors your doctor will recommend. But once you and your doctor are confident about your dosing, this will remain permanently consistent.

Time to Get Testosterone Replacement

Suffering from low testosterone is normal. But you’ll have to increase your testosterone levels to prevent health issues. The safest and most effective way to increase your male hormonal levels is by undergoing TRT.

You may experience issues with side effects and different dosing methods. In the beginning, you also need to pay attention to any changes and report them to your doctor.

But once you get on the right track, you’ll experience several benefits.

If you’re in south Florida, contact us if you’re interested in hormone replacement therapy.

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