What is Ipamorelin Acetate?

There are numerous Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides but out of all of them, Ipamorelin is the cleanest, safest and the most versatile. Many of Ipamorelin’s characteristics and modes of action resembles those of GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, the pentapeptide of Ipamorelin also resembles Hexarelin but compared to Hexarelin, it is much cleaner. Ipamorelin acts like all the other Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides but without the slack side effects of elevated hunger problems.

What makes Ipamorelin better than other peptides?

When it comes to selecting a peptide that is right for you, you will most likely prefer one that is released slowly, steadily and periodically. With this, you will be able to mimic the natural production of the Growth Hormone in your body and even attain better results by releasing a strong and steady pulse constantly. This technique has proven to work better and facilitate greater mass gaining. It also helps you to avoid the negative side effects that can be presented by this medication. Ipamorelin has a mode of action that is exactly like that of a Ghrelin mimetic but unlike the other peptides, this particular peptide has shown more stability in cutting down somatostatin and stimulating the release of the Growth Hormone.

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ipamorelin chemical structure

                Ipamorelin Chemical Structure

Some of the main benefits of Ipamorelin over other peptides include:

  •  It will increase your lean body mass.
  •  It will greatly lower your body fat.
  •  It will cause no sudden spikes in your cortisol and prolactin levels.
  •  It has anti-aging properties which affect many aspects of an individual’s health.
  •  It will improve your moods and sleep.

Ipamorelin is described as one of the mildest Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides that you can ever find. Nevertheless, you should not let this characteristic fool you. Ipamorelin is, in fact, one of the best peptides on the market because it can be used to effect a very large growth hormone pulse which will come with the least side effects. Ipamorelin can be administered to up to 1200 mcg in a day without breaching its desensitization levels. Various studies that have been conducted on Ipamorelin have proved that it has almost no effect on the natural production of the Growth Hormone in the body. With this as a factor, Ipamorelin is indeed one of the ideal peptides for bodybuilders and athletes who have a problem with shutting down their body’s natural production of the Growth hormone.

When we take a look at some of the main functions of Ipamorelin, we can conclude that it has a mode of action that is similar to that of the other Growth Hormone Reproductive Hormones which is mainly to increase gastric motility and Ghrelin levels. It also targets and produces a selective Growth Hormone pulse just like the other GHRPs. The major difference between Ipamorelin and other peptides is that it does not cause any after effects of elevated hunger pangs and cravings. This makes Ipamorelin a much more versatile choice which can be efficiently used for bedtime doses. At higher doses, Ipamorelin has no effect on the production of cortisol or prolactin in the body. This means that any patient on this medication can get a higher dose frequency without having to worry about elevated levels of cortisol and acetylcholine in their blood plasma. In summary, Ipamorelin might be one of the mildest Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides but it is far from the weakest. As a matter of fact, when Ipamorelin is used as a GHRP, it has proved to be one of the most sustained peptides in the body and it is even more powerful when administered at higher doses. Ipamorelin starts functioning slowly and builds up constantly which is more like a natural release of the Growth hormone in the body. This makes this GHRP one of the healthiest peptides in the list of available peptides.

How does Ipamorelin actually work?

When a patient is administered with a dose of Ipamorelin, a selective pulse is sent throughout the body, this stimulates the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus to release the Growth Hormones. This pulse can last for up to 3 hours after the administration of this dose. Once the Growth Hormone pulse is sent through the body, growth cells move directly to the muscles where they support muscle development and at the same time, they stay alert of any cartilage or bone growths. This is exceptionally beneficial for long-term users of Ipamorelin because this drug will only affect the growth of lean muscles without posing any threats to bone and cartilage deformation and growth. This can never be the case when it comes to synthetic Human Growth Hormone users who often experience numerous side effects which are related to swelling of the joints and in other cases, the Carpal Tunnel. Ipamorelin increases the synthesis of cells and it elevates the release of insulin from the pancreatic tissues. It also increases the levels of Ghrelin in the stomach which helps to controls hunger. All these processes work together to facilitate a substantial release and action of growth hormones in the body and they also promote fat loss, shuttling of nutrients, and it aids in building lean and clean muscles that will greatly increase your mass.

Side Effects Of Ipamorelin

Even though Ipamorelin is known as the safest peptide available, it still comes with side effects, but they are minimal. Ipamorelin focuses towards the release of the Growth Hormone in the human body. Just like GHRP-6 and other Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, but contrary to the other peptides, Ipamorelin has no effects on FSH, LH, TSH, or PRL levels. Hypothetically, very large doses of Ipamorelin can lead to increased levels of Cortisol and Acetylcholine, but when put into practice, if Ipamorelin is the only GHRP in your cycle, you will hardly notice any elevation in your Cortisol or Acetylcholine levels. This is also true when the injections are administered at higher doses than the normal effective dosage of Growth Hormone released in the body. So what are some possible side effects that you might experience? Most patients have reported cases of mild headaches and a headrush feeling. Otherwise, there are minimal side effects from this medication. However, it is suggested that new users should start the administration of this medication at lower doses then work up as they continue with the supplementation. It is best to administer this medication through an injection about 30 – 45 minutes before your workout. If you do this, you will have a double benefit of both the exogenous and the endogenous growth hormones working together in your body for the maximum benefits.


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