Core Medical CEO and Owner of DripFit Boca take on Health, Science, & Exercise

Jan 22, 2018




“Join Core Medical CEO, Sidney Gordon, as he interviews Tyler Anderson, owner of DripFit an all-star gym located in Boca Raton, Florida. Sidney and Tyler chat about the amazing community surrounding DripFit and the misconceptions surrounding working your body out in the best way for optimal results, how DripFit achieves this and why top athletes like Eric Berry and Mark Ingram keep coming back for more.

• How exercise, diet and science are all individually important in the well-being of your body.
• DripFit’s processes and how they work the body the correct way to ensure your muscle groups can rest properly.
• All about one of DripFit’s top features, the Shreadmill
• The community surrounding the DripFit family
• The special doctors and staff that host seminars at the facility to help DripFit’s clients get a full rounded plan to get their bodies working at its full potential.”

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