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CJC 1295

  • Synthetically produced peptide that can increase your plasma growth hormone (GH)  levels as well as increase your IGF-1 levels 
  • Long-acting  growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analog
  • Benefits: Lean body mass, gains in muscle mass, and increased strength

Ipamorelin Acetate

  • There are numerous Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides but out of all of them, Ipamorelin is the cleanest, safest and the most versatile.
  • Many of Ipamorelin’s characteristics and modes of action resembles those of GHRP2 and GHRP6 but, it is much cleaner.
  • Ipamorelin acts like all the other Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides but without the slack side effects of elevated hunger problems.
  • It is released slowly, steadily and periodically.
  • With this, you will be able to mimic the natural production of the Growth Hormone in your body and even attain better results by releasing a strong and steady pulse constantly.
  • This technique has proven to work better and facilitate greater mass gaining. It also helps you to avoid the negative side effects that can be presented by this medication. 
  • Ipamorelin has a mode of action that is exactly like that of a Ghrelin mimetic but unlike the other peptides, this particular peptide has shown more stability in cutting down somatostatin and stimulating the release of the Growth Hormone.

Main benefits over other peptides:

  • It will increase your lean body mass
  • It will greatly lower your body fat
  • It will cause no sudden spikes in your cortisol and prolactin levels
  • It has anti-aging properties which affect many aspects of an individual’s health
  • It will improve your moods and sleep

CJC1295/Ipamorelin 6/15mg/mL 10mL vial

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